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Catherine and Duane McCormick


This is Us

 My name is Duane McCormick my wife is Catherine or "Cathie". We have four children that help with the raising of our flock. We feel it is important to rear children with a strong work ethic. They are all involved in every aspect from the building of coops, sorting of hatchlings, to daily feeding and watering.

The youngest is Wyatt he is only 5, but has been helping gather eggs and watching chicks hatch most of his life now.

 Next is Lucas at 10 he is a good worker, once you get him started, like a bull I have told my wife.

 Matthew is 11 and the oldest of the boys, very involved with video gaming, like all children of this generation. Maybe he will develope the next "Chicken Hunter".

 Last, and the oldest is Brooke. She is very much the teen aged girl, 15. Taking the bathroom up the entire morning until it is time to go to school, while her brothers bang on the door. Sometimes a little strange though. I have had to tell her to get out of the coops, that she is not a chicken.

Wyatt building a coop

Lucas and peep

Matthew and a Faverolle

Brooke and Snow Flake

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