eggs and chicks eggs and chicks Getting ready to Set This was one of the first batches set for 2010. 80314152 Maran Eggs This is a display of Maran eggs with no flash. It is hard to show the "true" color of these eggs in a photograph. 80314153 "get your eggs in one basket" A display of our Welsummer eggs 56099725 Happy Easter Welsummer chicks that hatched just in time for Easter decorating 56099727 Wyandotte Nest 80314151 buff brahma chicks 120216499 120216501 176638509 First Outing The chicks make it out of the brooder into another outside, awaiting new homes. 90723224 176638510 Wyandotte chicks 120216502 176638511 How 'bout an Omlette? This is what our basket looks like after gathering. Minus the props. 90723225 176638512 176638513 Scolding Little one. I thought," I told you to stay in that nest?" 190425503 Maran hen and chicks 190425504 I got you covered 190425505