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 It all started with an idea for a Christmas present. I wanted to give the children an incubator and start a small flock of quail. By the way pickled quail eggs are delicious! The inexpensive incubator was purchased was from Georgia Quail Farms. It came with the eggs. That hatch turned out badly. The incubator did not have a thermostat and was placed in the living room with the woodstove. The temperature in this room can fluctuate as much as 50 degrees.

So determined to hatch some quail I started to design my own incubator. I found many very good plans on the net. The first was from a small cooler wired with a computer fan for circulation and light bulb heat source with dimmer switch for heat control.  Then we won an auction on E-bay for a dozen quail eggs. Two of which were broken, out of the remaining ten, eight hatched. I was bitten by the hatching bug!

Quail eggs are delicious, but there is not much to them. So, We wanted some nice big brown chicken eggs. Our next hatch was Dominique, Partridge Rock, and Buff Orpingtons. All of these are Heritage breeds. Then we noticed that some chickens were more sought after than others.

The "Chicken City", bunch of coops in the backyard were built each to house and seperate the breeds to keep them pure. The majority of our coops are built with recycled lumber including the first that was originally the floor boards from a church floor.

Our first "rare breeds" were Light Brahma and Cukoo Marans. Both batches turned out more roos than hens and were sold off. To my regrets because the Light Brahmas are like gentle giants and striking to see free ranging in the yard. Our daughter, Brooke actually won Grand Champion at the Warren County, Virginia fair with her hen, "Snow Flake".

We are currrently raising Ameracauna, Buff Brahma, D 'uccle bantam, Blue Black and Splash Copper Maran, Faverolle, and Blue Wyandottes.

We think that if you are going to raise chickens. Why not have some that are Eggstordinary! "Pun intended".

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