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Hatching Egg Assortment


 We manage a small hatchery here at home, but at times the hens lay more eggs than we can fit in our incubators. So we offer this assortment to you. Some of the original eggs we hatched cost as much as 10$ per egg plus shipping. With this in mind I have considered this and would like to offer you an incredible deal.

 In this assortment you will receive one dozen eggs plus extras to cover loss due to shipping. Even though we package eggs as well as possible they can be handled roughly by the carriers. We will ship via USPS express mail.

 All eggs will be pure breed, housed in separate coops. From: A Lemon Blue Ameracauna rooster over 6 Buff hens. Two French Standard  Black Copper roosters over 12 blue, black and splash hens. Welsummers from a 5 generation hand picked flock. And Blue and Black Wyandottes from a Big Blue rooster over 3 hens.

 The eggs will be clutched and turned twice daily for less than 2 days before shipping to allow the best hatch-ability from our end. Due to circumstances beyond our control, such as shipping and incubation practices, we can not guarantee your hatch rate. Please keep this in mind when ordering. 

 Contact us at for  availability.

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